FAPAC Southwest
PO Box 60369
San Diego, CA 92166

As part of the chapter's commitment to Service, it is developing the following training for members that can be exported to other conferences and leadership training events:

  • Developing a living Individual Development Plan
  • Preparing For Civil Service Retirement
  • For Veterans - Maximizing Your Veteran's Benefits
  • Resume Writing for the Civil Servant
  • Preparing For Your Mid-Term and End-of-Year Reviews
  • Using USA Jobs to best serve Your Career
  • Understanding and using Pathways
  • Understanding Your Civil Service Benefits
  • Characteristics an Effective Mentor and Mentee
  • DAWIA and other Professional Certifications/Credentials
  • Maximizing Your TSP from Year to Year
  • Preparing for Your Mid-Term Self-Assessment and Review
  • Preparing for a Navy Officer Selection Board

 Many of the above topics are programmed for the Mini-Leadership Conference.

For suggestions, please email dan.gruta@gmail.com